At first I thought I’d make this a blog about passing the CPA exam, but I soon came to realize that there are already plenty of resources on the internet to help one overcome the test.

Instead, I’m choosing to take a more idiosyncratic approach to conveying that which presses from within to be held before the masses.

As many of CPA can attest to, we accountants are often typecast-ed as thick-black-glasses wearing number crunchers. Accounting is one of the most ancient of all practices and the modern CPA is much more than a bean counter.

This place will seem a bit random to the laymen. But upon deeper inquiry and exploration, one will come to see this place as a nexus of interconnections relegated under the sphere of professional services.

I set forth a big task which I will undoubtedly fail at and be misunderstood for, but in the process of attempting provide a resource for others.

Of course, a lot of the above is intended to be humorous. Some will be repulsed and others will find a kindred spirit.

Steven the CPA who is more than a number cruncher.

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